This process should be used weekly to check and match inventory level of batteries. It should be made while the driver comes to replenish the rack, and the missing batteries that he states that were sold, should be the same batteries missing in our list.

Complete the following steps:

  1. Click the “Reports” icon in the main screen of Shopkey.
  2. From the “Inventory” tab, select “stocking level above zero”.
  3. Click “print” at the bottom.
  4. This would populate a list with the current inventory (QOH column) and the batteries that were sold supposedly should be lower than the stocking level assigned for that particular part number which is at the left of the QOH column (Restock Quantity), go to the Battery section and print the pages.
  5. Verify that the sales match the missing batteries according to the battery delivery guy.
  6. Once the verification is made, proceed to introduce the new batteries (from the invoice printed by the battery guy).

Introducing new batteries to inventory:

  1. Click the “Inventory” icon in the main screen of Shopkey.
  2. Introduce the part number of the battery that you are replenishing.
  3. Double click the part line.
  4. Check that pricing on the battery is the correct one. The correct price should be the price listed in the “Last cost” field minus 22 dollars (Core price).
  5. Adjust the QOH field accordingly and click Ok.
  6. The system is going to populate a window asking you the reason for increasing the inventory level, proceed to put the invoice number of the battery bill of sale.
  7. Repeat steps 1 through 5 for every single battery that is been replenished.
  8. Print, sign and date the invoice of the batteries and write the word processed on it. Staple to our in house inventory list previously printed and file.